Rutland Real Estate Outlook for 2018

rutland realtor,real estate rutland,rutland real estateRutland Real Estate Will Continue to Trend Upwards in 2018

2018 is here and it’s hard to believe that we are officially two short years from the start of a new decade. I had a very successful sales year in 2017 and moved a lot of Rutland inventory. I expect to see this upward sales trend continue well into 2018, despite low inventory and new mortgage rules that have now gone into effect. Stiffer mortgage rules for the start of 2018 might dissuade some folks from moving, but it won’t stop the influx of buyers that continue to flood my phone lines who are eager to relocate to the Okanagan from Vancouver and other high cost of living cities.

Let’s take a look at what areas of real estate will be hot in 2018 for affordable Rutland real estate:

Rutland will continue to boom along with growing enrollment at UBC-O.

Rutland continues to be a great choice for investors looking to capitalize on the growth of UBC-O. If you haven’t been out to the University District in 3-6 months I highly encourage you to take a drive around. With the addition of building lots at University Heights and the latest release coming this winter from the Mission Group’s U-SIX, there are still a number of great real estate investment opportunities in this burgeoning, hip enclave. The amenities in this area, which serve Quail Ridge, Ellison, The Lakes and North Rutland continue to boom, with new stores, restaurants, coffee shops and retailers being added regularly. This is becoming a really cool part of Kelowna and the landscaping efforts of today will be amazing 5-10 years down the road. This area of Kelowna will really feel like a storied University setting soon enough. With the soon to be opened John Hindle Drive coming in spring of 2018, the ease of commute to downtown Kelowna will become even shorter for residents of Rutland. Just another reason to get into this up and coming Kelowna real estate market sooner rather than later!

condos for sale rutland,townhouses for sale rutland,rutland realtorCondos, townhomes, and multi family living

Rutland has always been known as an affordable real estate option in the Kelowna real estate market and part of that is due to the density that can be found here. There are a number of new multi-family developments near completion in Rutland, along with some fantastic options for future potential development sites, and even some older buildings that first time buyers can ease comfortably into the Kelowna real estate market with. These types of properties will continue to drive sales in Rutland for 2018 and we don’t see any signs that demand for these types of properties is going to decline. The only issue we have is inventory, which is great for Rutland homeowners who are considering selling their homes! If you have a Rutland condo, a Rutland apartment or townhome then I can find you a qualified buyer in 2018, as these properties will be at the top of the want list for new buyers looking for affordable price points.

These are a couple of Rutland neighbourhood areas that I think you should keep your eye on in 2018. If you’re interested in exploring any of these investment properties or condos for sale in Rutland then give me a shout today. If you have a condo, townhome or potential investment property for sale in Rutland then let’s get you a Free Home Evaluation immediately and find you a buyer.

Thanks for reading; I look forward to working with you as your Rutland REALTOR® and as always, serving the community of Rutland’s housing needs even further in 2018.

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