Living in Rutland

On the east side of Kelowna you will find one of the quickest growing and most affordable areas to live in Kelowna, B.C. known as the enclave of Rutland.

Rutland is accessed via Highway 33, the main thoroughfare that connects one of Kelowna’s busiest shopping districts directly from Highway 97. Highway 33 intersects the neighbourhoods of Springfield and Belgo to the south with the family friendly, central and downtown Rutland neighbourhoods and the Upper Rutland Bench on the north side of Highway 33 stretching up towards Sexsmith Road.

Continuing up Highway 33 you will find one of Rutland’s newest suburban neighbourhoods and picturesque golf communities known as Black Mountain, which is also a very short drive to world class Big White Ski Resort.

Further past Sexsmith Road extending to the north east of Highway 97 are the rural communities of Ellison, Scotty Creek and Postill Lake. You will also find the Kelowna International Airport, YLW, on this side of Highway 97.

Directly across from YLW’s main drive, is one of Kelowna’s most sought after golf communities known as Quail Ridge located on the north west side of Highway 97. A hop, skip and jump over a few blocks you will find one of the most exciting new communities in Kelowna known as the University District.

Why Choose to Buy Real Estate in Rutland

I was born and raised in Rutland and continue to work and promote the area. Even though my young family and I have moved out of the south boundary area to farm acreage on the outskirts of Kelowna, my extended family still lives in Rutland and I continue to focus my real estate business around buyers and sellers of Rutland real estate. Rutland is an amazing community to raise a family and the down to earth, good people in Rutland are what continue to make it so special.

These are my top ten reasons to buy real estate in Rutland today:


Rutland is the most affordable community on this side of the William Bennett Bridge and you can get more bang for your buck in a Rutland neighbourhood.


The majority of central Rutland is flat making it a great option for those with mobility issues, seniors and those who rely on public transportation. Speaking to the latter, Rutland is also one of the best served areas in Kelowna for public transportation.


Rutland is central to so many other great neighbourhoods that you never feel isolated. Here’s a quick guide: 10 mins to YLW, 15 mins to Downtown Kelowna, 30 mins to Big White Ski Resort.

Local Amenities

Rutland is a self contained neighbourhood where you have access to shopping, dining, healthcare, hotels, bars, parks and recreation.

Business is Booming

The Uptown Rutland Business Association wants to help your local business succeed in Rutland. If you’re looking to establish a loyal customer base for your local business then Rutland is a great place to set up shop!

Size Matters

You will get more house, more lot and overall more space for your dollar in Rutland as compared to other neighbourhoods in Kelowna.


If you’re attending UBC-O or one of the colleges in Kelowna; Rutland is one of the closest off campus neighbourhoods to live in.

Green Park Space

We live in a busy, busy world so having access to all the green park space that Rutland provides it’s residents is a welcome slice of heaven.

Safety and Security

Rutland has a local police detachment right in the center of downtown and because it is one of the furthest neighbourhoods from downtown Kelowna the crime is limited to specific hot spots.


It always comes back to the people! The people in Rutland are fiercely loyal, dedicated to their community and some of the best neighbours you’ll ever have!

So what are you waiting for?  If you’re looking to buy real estate in Rutland or you want to list your Rutland home for sale let’s meet to discuss your real estate goals….I know a great place!

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